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Stress Botics is a heavy eurogame about four Beta bots that have to reach their goals and deliver the resources they mine to the spaceships. The big boss, Alpha Bot will help them during their odyssey. And it’s very important doing this without getting stressed!


Stress Botics is the original idea of Fernando Barbanoj, game creator and founder of Token Synapse. He has developed the game for more than 2 years creating a whole universe of the Beta Bots and the Cylindroids. The game has been tested and improved to bring a completed and high-ended game with the best quality.


  • 1-4 players
  • 2 games in one:
    • Stress Botics: The original game, a heavy eurogame for expert players and resource management lovers
    • Anxious Botics, a simplified version with all the essence of the original game.
  • Play time: 60-135 minutes
  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Special robots miniatures
  • New mechanics



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