Stress Botics: A Space Mining Rushed Odyssey

Stress Botics game box art


The Cubebotics CORP arrived to an exo-planet named STR-355 rich in valuable resources. Ever since they have been digging mines and have reached the core to drain all the lava, suddenly the cubic robots receive terrible news: the Cylindroids CORP is coming to invade the planet. It’s now when the challenge begins…

You (a robot from Cubebotics CORP) must extract the resources requested by the Corporation and deliver them to the three spaceships that are passing by to pick them up at an exact time and location. Only by being the best working bot you will be saved!

Sounds easy, right? Not at all… The unstable exo-planet is about to collapse!

You will face environmental adversities, fight against the Cylindroids, gather energy to perform your actions and finally deliver the payload on time. Make difficult decisions, cooperate or compete against your collages and never get too stressed!

The game starts with an event. At this moment is when everything can change: the spaceships might move, the pressure of the planet will go up or down and the enemies will enter into the main room. Then is your turn to take the action cards and set up them in advance. You can move through the different mines, extract the elements that you need, different objects, or even interact with AlphaBot, a support robot with a (very) short-tempered AI that is going to be really useful to achieve your goals. But remember, this planet is never the same…  as the pressure changes, the availability of the resources changes. Once all the spaceships have left the planet’s orbit, the game finishes and the Beta Bot less stressed will be the chosen model to enter on “mass production”.

Game overview

Stress Botics is a heavy eurogame for 1 to 4 players that combines the work placement, the resource management with an unique zoom system never seen before on this kind of boardgames. The game playtime is between 60 and 135 minutes.

The game is organized in rounds (as many as Cubebotics‘ ships take to abandon the planet’s orbit). In each round, an event takes place (which might involve trouble for the Beta Bots!) and the players will need to program actions to interact with the planet’s resource-laden chambers, with enemies, with Alpha Bot, or with each other.

Actions are selected in secret and are revealed in order. All the players must decide the order before the beginning of the round. The stress level of each bot determines the turn order as well as its possible resource deliveries, and depends on the withstand strain (damage) and effort (actions). Each player has their own bot’s blueprint, where they manage resource storage using multiple containers of limited size. Apart from deliveries, resources can be transformed or spent to enhance the bot’s capabilities.

During the adventure, the autonomous Alpha Bot will move through the planet’s chambers until it reaches the surface. Players can interact with this robot to obtain advantages or to steer it out of harm’s way, since it is vulnerable to enemy attacks and the planet’s adversities. At the end of the round, maintenance takes place where enemy robots (Cylindroids) will move, attack, or occupy resource chambers. Additionally, players will receive benefits or penalties (stress) according to their distance to Alpha Bot.

Stress Mode





Playing Time:

60–135 Min

Complexity Rating:

4.40 / 5

Anxious Mode





Playing Time:

60–120 Min

Complexity Rating:

3.70 / 5